Region Free Blu-ray DVD Players

What is a region free Blu-Ray Player? A Region-Free Blu-Ray Player – for the most part – is generally the same as a normal player with a few additional (and very handy) options.

region free blu-ray playerFirst and most importantly, unlike the typical player, a region-free player is able of play Blu-Ray discs manufactured from any region of the world (regions A, B, and C) as well as DVDs from all regions of the world. This is accomplished by the internal hardware of the player which is capable of recognizing all region-codes and therefor renders the disc to be valid and playable.

This means that with a region free player you’re able to watch movies from other regions, often before they’ve been released in your area.

Additionally, many films are released with edited versions in certain regions. It’s not uncommon for these edited versions to have scenes that have been augmented or sometimes completely deleted. If you’d like to view the complete unedited version of a film and it isn’t available in your country, you might normally have no way of ever seeing it. Even if you traveled to that country and bought a copy, you still wouldn’t be able to view it since it uses a different region code. With a region free Blu-ray DVD player the situation is quite the contrary. You can order the version you’re interested in seeing online from a store overseas with the confidence of knowing that the disc will play in the comfort of your own home.

Other uses for region free players include International relocation. If you plan to move overseas, buying a multi region blu-ray player might be an excellent idea. Many people that live in Europe buy Region-Free Blu-ray DVD Players from the USA simply because they cost much less, plus it provides them with the ability to order and watch movies from the USA on disc before they are released in European theaters. Generally speaking, you can purchase a brand name region free player in the USA for the same price you’d get a region specific player in Europe.

Under certain circumstances, a region-free Blu-ray player will only play Blu-ray Discs from a single region but will play all regions of DVDs. The most common reason for a retailer to offer this is because many people like to purchase foreign movies and/or rare movies from overseas. Typically those movie titles are not available on Blu-Ray, so the customer doesn’t necessarily need a Blu-ray player. This option not only helps to keep the price down for the consumer, but allows them to watch DVD’s from any region with the added benefits of having a Blu-Ray Player. Usually in this scenario, the consumer will have the option to upgrade for a small additional fee, unlocking the capability to play all regions of Blu-ray Discs (regions A,B, and C).


pal to ntsc conversionMost Region-Free Blu-Ray Players contain internal PAL to NTSC converters which allow the player to operate in the two different video formats supported by most televisions. This ensures extra functionality should you happen to take the player overseas. Without the functionality of the built in converter, one would have to attach and use an external video converter for proper video display. Since some players aren’t capable of internal PAL to NTSC conversion, an external converter is necessary.

110 volt and 220 volt

worldwide voltageLast but not least, nearly all Region-Free players are compatible with both 110 volt and 220 volt electrical standards. While a normal player would require a voltage converter to operate safely between different voltages, the region-free player adapts to both standards without requiring any extra cables or adapters; if you need to change to a different voltage the only requirement is to flip a switch on the backside of the player.

For more information on which region-free options you’ll need for your specific application, please see our region-free buying guide.

Different Brands of Region Free Blu-ray DVD Players

brands of region free blu-ray playersWe’re dedicated to providing you with any and all information possible regarding region-free Blu-ray and DVD players. Once you have an decent understanding of region codes, region free players, and the exact needs that apply to your situation, please take the time to click on the list below for more information on each individual brand. We have done our best to provide you with relevant and helpful information that will assist you in becoming familiar with the different brands of players and what each has to offer you.

*Please note that Blu-ray players are not produced as Region Free from the manufacturer – it is a special modification that is offered by certain retailers. Be sure to check the player’s specifications before making a purchase to ensure the player has been modified for region free capability.


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