Pioneer Region Free Blu-ray Players

pioneer region free playersFounded in 1938, Pioneer has literally “pioneered” the growth of home electronics. In today’s age, they are still moving forward on the leading edge of home video technology with the production of Pioneer Region-Free Blu-Ray Players.  Believe it or not, Pioneer was the one who first introduced the laser disc to consumers in 1979 and the DVD-Video Player in 1996, so it’s no surprise that they offer high-quality and highly functional Blu-Ray Players.

Loaded with first class components and exclusive features, Pioneer is an excellent choice for the home theater.

pioneer bdp150 region free playerWith built-in features like reverse compatibility,  PAL/NTSC conversion, and both 110 and 220 volt operating capability you are eliminating the need for extra wires, devices, or converters.

The 3D compatibility of Pioneer Region-Free Blu-Ray Players is second to none, bringing your television to life in the comfort of your own home. Combine it with the latest cutting edge high-definition audio formats and you have a home theater unlike anything you’re experienced before.

You can also easily connect with Netflix, Pandora, Picasa and YouTube via internet for increased functionality across all your favorite media services, from social to streaming.

The Elite Series Blu-Ray Players by Pioneer offer only the highest manufacturing process with the finest materials available. From an armored chassis that provides unparalleled durability to the rigid base, the Elite Series is the best you can buy. By producing the Elite Series with ultra-high-end components, Pioneer has created a new dimension in visual and audio quality. If you’re looking for the true ultimate experience in sound matched with flawlessly crisp picture and performance, the Elite Series was built for you. Additionally, these units have a full lifetime warranty.

Before you make a decision on a Region Free Blu-Ray player, be sure to check out Pioneer’s product lineup. You will not be disappointed!