Toshiba Region Free Blu-ray DVD Players

toshiba region free playersToshiba has been known to provide high quality electronics at prices you can afford, and that statement couldn’t be more valid with their Region-Free Blue-Ray players. Each and every Toshiba Blu-Ray product is designed to deliver an excellent viewing experience from the comfort of your own home.

There is a complete line of Toshiba Region-Free Blu-Ray products to choose from and they’re all equipped with some pretty impressive features. Aside from lifting region restrictions by allowing you to play discs from anywhere around the world, these players still have a lot more to offer you. From 1080P Full HD displayed at 24 frames per second to 3D, Wi-Fi, and phenomenal surround sound capabilities, there’s a little something for everyone to get excited about.  Select units also offer special options such as MediaShare (DLNA), USB Video, and Smart BD which lets you grab hold of streaming music and media from a variety of your favorite sources including Netflix, Huli, Vudu, Youtube, and Pandora.

Toshiba bdx1200 region free playerThere are 6 models of Toshiba Region-Free Blu-Ray players to choose from and each is a little different from the rest.

Starting at only $99 you can pick up the standard and most popular model, the Toshiba BDX1200. This model shouldn’t be underestimated as it comes with reverse compatibility, built in PAL/NTSC conversion, and 1080P. It’s also BD Live compliant with USB input and HDMI output.

If you’re looking for more than just average Toshiba model, you might want to take a peek at the BDX-5300.  This one has everything for the serious movie lover including Full HD 1080P with 1920×1080 resolution, MediaShare, USB Video input, BD Live capability, Smart BD, built in Wi-Fi and the option to include compatibility for both 110 and 220 volt operations.

There are plenty of reasons to choose a Toshiba Region-Free Blu-Ray Player, and price is only one. View our full line of Toshiba products right now.