Panasonic Region Free Blu-ray DVD Players

panasonic region free playersPanasonic is an older, well known and very trusted brand of electronic products.  For more than 50 years, they have impressed consumers with cutting-edge products for both home and business.  Today, you can acquire that same electronic ingenuity with a Panasonic Region-Free Blu-Ray player.

Aside from the ability to play discs from nearly any area of the world, Region-Free Blu-Ray systems offer a handful of excellent features to increase the user experience.

Panasonic dmpbd60 region free playerPanasonic’s impressive Full HD 3D Blu-Ray compatibility provides realistic and breathtaking graphics that seemingly leave the movie and enter into your home right through your TV screen.  2D to 3D conversion technology also lets use view non-3D movies with stunning depth as it automatically converts to a 3D-like picture.

The Smart Networking feature uses VIERA Connect to deliver a plethora of social and streaming media from some of your favorite sources including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Skype, YouTube and CinemaNow; allowing users a truly rich viewing experience.

Smart Operation is a smartphone remote control, used by downloading the free Panasonic apps for your iPhone or Android device. The smartphone remote control allows you to operate your player directly from your smartphone’s touch screen.

Built-In Wi-Fi adds even more functionality to your Blu-Ray device allowing the use of extra features like VIERA Connect or BD Live while eliminating the need for messy wires.

All players come equipped with both 110 volt and 220 volt capability. This feature lets you use the player in practically any place on earth, regardless of the area’s electrical voltage standard.

Browse and buy from a selection of Panasonic Region-Free Blu-Ray players today.