LG Region Free Blu-ray DVD Players

LG region free playersLG, although newer to the scene than many of the older brands, offers absolutely amazing innovation in all of their Region-Free Blu-Ray players. As a low to mid-priced brand, you simply cannot go wrong with LG.  Their patented user interface has been voted “the best on any Blu-Ray player this year”, and for good reason. However, there’s a lot more that LG has to offer other than just an amazing user interface.

Each and every LG model is power-packed right out of the box with some absolutely amazing features that many other brands don’t offer, and it makes LG a highly likeable brand of Blu-Ray players.

LG bp325 regioon free playerFirst off, all LG units arrive with a built in premium apps package providing access to your favorite paid and free streaming media services like, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and more. This is a wonderful feature that gives you instant access to nearly unlimited streaming video and audio.

Next, each and every unit comes equipped with built in Wi-Fi. This helps you to access not only streaming media but much more, allowing you to take full charge of the internet without the messy cables.

LG’s Smart Share takes Region-Free Blu-Ray players to the next level. Smart Share lets you enjoy and share anything from your smart phone, PC, tablet or USB device directly on your TV.  Any device that uses the same Wi-Fi network can wirelessly connect in seconds.

There’s also even more available from LG Region-Free Blu-Ray Players.  All players are capable of operating at 110 or 220 volts, meaning you can use them literally anywhere in the world with no need for power conversion. Additionally, all models contain built in PAL/NTSC converters so there’s no need for an external video converter in certain countries. This means that you can use it anywhere in the world and be confident that it will also be compatible with the TVs color system (PAL or NTSC).

LG Region-Free Blu-Ray models start at only $134.99, which is an amazing price for so much versatility. Check out the complete line of LG models right now!