Sharp Region Free Blu-ray DVD Players

sharp region free playersSharp is a well-known brand that provides low to moderately priced products that do exactly what they claim to. Sharp offers just a few Blu-Ray Players to choose from, but they might just have what you’re looking for.

The Sharp Region-Free Blu-Ray players feature playback of DVDs from all regions across the globe and Blu-ray playback in multiple regions, depending on model options.

Each is capable of running on 110 volt and 220 volt electrical systems, rendering them usable in any part of the world.

sharp sl-2200 region free playerThey also are each equipped with an internal PAL to NTSC converter which eliminates the need for an external video converter should the device need to be used with a television of different color compatibility.

  • They are all reverse compatible, meaning that they can play both Blu-Ray and DVD discs upon insertion.
  • Other options that are available on Sharp Region-Free Blu-ray players include:
  • HD 3D 1080p with24 fps Output
  • Wi-Fi and LAN internet capability
  • Streaming media from Netflix, Vudu, Pandora and Youtube
  • Smartphone Connectivity (allows you to control the player directly from your smartphone screen)
  • Dual USB ports
  • IP Control
  • 7.1 Output through HDMI and Optical Output
  • HD Upconversion
  • …and more

If you’re a fan of the Sharp brand, you will definitely want to view the Sharp Region-Free Players before making your next purchase. They just might have exactly what you’ve been looking for to upgrade your own home theater.