Yamaha Region Free Blu-ray DVD Players

yamaha region free playersYamaha is a company that’s been around since 1897, that’s correct, over 110 years since production began. While Yamaha’s original focus was musical instruments, mainly upright pianos, they have developed a plethora of different production branches including home electronics, sporting goods, motorcycle and ATV production and even produced a few automobile motors. The tuning forks in Yamaha’s logo represent the statement “tuned to perfection” which applies to all areas of their products as Yamaha is known to manufacture quality.

Yamaha bd-S673 region free playerIf you’re a fan of the Yamaha brand, you’re going to be thrilled to have the chance to indulge in a Yamaha Region-Free Blu-Ray Player, and we cannot blame you.

Yamaha players have some very powerful built-in features that other product don’t offer such as Built-in Wi-Fi and 3D playback capability.

The audio features look quite impressive, but that can only be expected from a hundred year old company who specializes in sound. Audio playback of ALL current formats is just the beginning, while direct bitstream and multi-channel Linear PCM via HMDI make things exceptional.

Video features like 1080P Full HD, and x.v. Color and Color deep compatibility provide only the most realistic in 3D viewing quality. There’s also a 1080P HDMI video output built in, enhancing the flexibility of the Blu-Ray player by a large margin.

Yamaha also embraces the streaming and social media networks, allowing for use of Netflix, Picasa, YouTube and more directly from the player itself.

  • Each model also includes the following to simplify use and add worldwide functionality:
  • 110 volt and 220 volt capability
  • Internal PAL/NTSC Conversion for simple worldwide compatibility
  • Guaranteed playback of any Blu-ray or DVD disc, regardless of region coding

If you’re interested in what Yamaha has done with Blu-Ray or simply browsing to purchase a player, be sure to take a good look at Yamaha Region-Free Blu-Ray Players first. You’re going to be amazed at the value you’ll find.