Review: The Oppo BDP-103 Region-Free Blu-ray Player

When it comes to purchasing a Blu-ray Player, there are many brands and models to chose from. While some are more economic than others and made with less expensive components, there are a handful of manufacturers who specialize in manufacturing players of the highest-possible quality. Although some of these brands and their respective models might seem ridiculously high priced, you can be pretty confident that you’re actually getting what you pay for.
oppo region free bdp-103
If you want to have a complete home theater with a Blu-ray player that’s reliable and efficient, you can easily purchase a decent player for under $200 that will do everything you need it to. However, if you’re serious about quality and intent on getting the best home theater experience possible, you’re going to spend a significant amount more for a player that’s precision engineered to produce nothing less than flawless performance, time after time.
With that said, today we’re going to take a look at the Oppo BDP-103 Region Free Blu-ray player. If you ask anyone who’s serious about home electronics and has some knowledge of high-end players which brand they’d want if they could purchase any Blu-ray Player out there, chances are they’re going to say “Oppo”, and for good reason.
Oppo is known for phenomenal performance, solid build quality and the type of reliability you’d like to expect from any electronics device. While the players are a bit pricey, they’re sure to outlive the cheaper models by many, many years – kind of like that “old” stereo receiver you refuse to part with because it’s from “back when they used to make things that last”.
The BDP-103 is the least expensive of the Oppo lineup, yet it’s still miles ahead of similarly priced models from other leading brands. In other words, an Oppo is truly like a diamond in the rough. Now lets take a look at the BDP-103 and what makes it so unique and desirable.
Look and Feel
Firstly, the solid and durable construction of this player has it weighing in at just under 11lbs., which lends a heavy-duty feel not available from lower-end players. While weight alone is no guarantee of quality, the stronger and more rigid internal chassis and components matched with a sturdy case are a definitive contributor to the heavier feel of the BDP-103.
The black brushed finish looks sharp and clean against the sleek, faceplate that houses a centrally located disc drive, which is strategically placed for maximum balance while aiding in the elimination of vibration and/or skipping. (This is just one of the many small features you won’t find on a cheaper player where the disc tray is usually located off-center). A USB port and HDMI input are placed just below the display and disc tray area for easy access, while around the back of the unit you’ll find a plethora of connections including dual HDMI outputs, dual USB ports, optical audio, a coaxial audio, and Ethernet port, an HDMI input port, infrared and RS232c.
Ease of Use
Of course, the player comes with a remote control that’s also heavy duty, nice and thick, and provides a user-friendly layout with backlighting. Although the remote is of genuine quality, you might be surprised to discover there’s a free smartphone app that lets you control the player right from your phone – and better yet – from anywhere in your home since it works through your Wi-Fi. Pretty darn cool!
In short, this player is simply amazing. The load times are incredible and the video quality is unparalleled by practically anything on the market. The BDP-103 utilizes the Marvell Kyoto-G2H video processor featuring the latest generation Qdeo technology, which provides an ultra-rich viewing experience with a picture that’s noise and artifact free across all video formats. This ensures that the image on the screen is delivered just as the producer intended it to look with impeccably accurate color and clarity.
This Oppo has DVD up-conversion, which very noticeably improves the quality of non-HD movies to Full 1080p high-definition, as well as 4k upscaling that provides a stunning 3840×2160 resolution that’s nearly 4 times that of standard HD.
Aside from flawless picture technology, the region free Oppo BDP-103 performs just as well in the audio department. The high fidelity system supports the newest technology such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, 7.1 Channel Analog, and even has digital optical and coaxial outputs. It’s surely suited to be paired with even the best speakers and surround sound systems that deliver sound performance that rivals that of a real movie theater.
And of course, we can’t forget that this is a region-free model, meaning it can play ANY DVD or Blu-ray disc from any region of the world. It also comes equipped with a built-in PAL to NTSC Conversion that makes it compatible with any TV and worldwide voltage which allows it to be used in ANY country, regardless of what voltage the electricity is delivered at.
Overall, the region-free Oppo BDP-103 offers reliability, performance and quality that is second to none and well worth the purchase price. It’s region-free capabilities increase the flexibility and usability of the unit to the point that the player can be used in any country, with any TV to play a disc from anywhere in the world without the need for adapters, converters or the like.
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