Review: LG BP325w

The Region Free LG BP325w is LG’s newest Blu-ray DVD Player. Generally, what we’re looking at here is a Blu-ray player that will do what it’s supposed to do – and do it well – for a very low and very appealing price. The factory version has plenty of bells and whistles that come along with it, actually much more than one would expect it to have.

region free LG BP325w

3D Capability
With a 3D capable player in this price range, you wouldn’t expect to get high quality 3D – however, the BP325 has 1080P Full HD for both 2D and 3D content. It plugs right into your 3D TV (don’t expect it to make 3D without a 3D TV) and makes this model an efficient and affordable one, even for the kids room.

Dolby TrueHD
LG definitely got this one right. The TrueHD and HD DTS are a great added bonus. There seems to be a bit of a shortage on the settings capabilities for sound, but theres no shortage in quality. On the speaker end, this player puts out amazing surround sound.

DVD Upscaling
Upscaling is that little option that everyone loves but nobody really takes seriously. Well, let me just say that this model has a magnificent upscaling capability. I tossed in a few DVD discs that were not in HD format, and could clearly notice the impressive quality. It was clearly much better than the DVD would have looked in a DVD player or without upscalaing – and I didn’t even have to try and compare. It was obviously, undeniably, a better quality picture. +1 for the Good job, LG!

Wi-Fi & HDMI
Everyone loves Wi-Fi and so do we. Connectivity was not an issue and setup only took us a few seconds. It also was quite speedy, maybe moreso than some more expensive models. And if you don’t have Wi-Fi, a wired connection can be setup easily with the rear ethernet port.

The HDMI output really makes an immense difference if your TV has an HDMI port. Sound and picture quality are much greater and using it, we wouldn’t recommend going without.

Smart TV & Other Convenient Features
The Smart TV function allows you to connect directly to all sorts of streaming audio and video sources as well as games and applications via the LG app store. A few of the items that come along with it are Netflix, Vudu, CinemaNow, YouTube, Pandora, Picasa, and AccuWeather and more. Definite thumbs up for this one!

There’s also a smart phone remote app from LG that can be downloaded to your phone. Once it’s installed, you can see the screen and control the player via your phone’s touchscreen. Cool! A USB front port lets you view whatever you can hold on it including Pictures, movies, music and more. Even more importantly, the player id DLNA compliant, allowing for streaming content from a connected PC.

The LG BP325w is an amazing product for the cost. This player literally has everything!

The only thing we felt that made it any better was that it’s a region free model. Guaranteed Blu-Ray and DVD playback from all regions of the world, plus 110 and 220 volt capability paired with an internal PAL to NTSC converter. This player is one that works anywhere in the world, with any TV, and can literally can play any Blu-ray or DVD disc in the world.

Combined with all of the factory options and a pricetag of only $209, we couldn’t not give this model a 5 star review. LG has gave the competition a run for their money with this one for sure!

5 Stars

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Review: LG BP325w — 2 Comments

  1. Hello
    I am anxious to know what I just bough… intended to be used to pass French or US movie on discs here in Houston I requested to be multi regions or systems
    It is a BP325W, 3D Blue ray disc DVD player
    Manufactured date de Fab 2081NRCO94390 AUG 2012
    the one I have is functioning only with 110 120 transformed to 12
    1-A. as I do not see any multi voltage as menioned above .
    My main question could I pass French movies on disc or not.
    if not what should I do or buy
    Many tanks

    I wonder

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